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Personal Injury


Unexpected accidents can happen to anyone. While we can try to brace for the worst with auto and life insurance policies, sometimes the stress of dealing with even small injuries can be overwhelming for some. The Law Office of Albert P. Uresti IV, knows what it takes to get clients exactly what they deserve from insurance companies and he has a record of proven results. You can be confident that your case will be given the attention it requires and that it will be handled with the utmost care and respect. Personal injury, whatever the case and circumstance, is something that should be addressed in a compassionate and understanding manner. 


The Law Office of Albert P. Uresti IV handles all types of personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims, providing personal service and aggressive representation in the negotiation and litigation of compensation for: 


·Car and Truck Accidents/ Motor Vehicle Accidents

·Dangerous and Defective Products

·Medical Malpractice / Nursing Home Abuse

·Premises Liability / Slip and Fall Accidents

·Dog Bite / Animal Attacks

·Workplace / Construction Injuries 


I will make it a priority to always speak directly with you and that we will take time to fully explain the legal issues of your case. At the Law Office of Albert P. Uresti IV, you will always be kept informed of the status of your case and will be fully involved with all the decisions that come up throughout the process. So if you’re looking for a lawyer who seeks to understand your situation and fights for your well-being, call the Law Office of Albert P. Uresti IV today to find out what he can do for you. 


Contact us right away at (210) 556-6300 – BEFORE you speak to an insurance adjuster.

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