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Our Expertise


At the Law of Office of Albert P. Uresti IV, we take time to understand our client’s views and to communicate effective resolutions to their legal issues. We adequately resolve legal disputes without protracted litigation. However, when disputes cannot be resolved by agreement or mediation, we have the experience to aggressively protect our client’s rights and interests.  Our expertise extends to these fields:

The Law Office of Albert P. Uresti IV  understands that when a marriage ends, when there is a custody dispute, or child support, you will want a lawyer who will listen and respond to the needs of you and your...  Read more


After a car accident, it can feel as if your life has been ripped from you. You may have been rear-ended or broadsided, suffered personal injury, come under financial strain, or even lost a loved...Read more

Class A, Class B, and Class C misdemeanors. The range of punishment is different for each type of misdemeanor class. With some exceptions, the following potential penalties are mandated by...Read more

Unexpected accidents can happen to anyone. While we can try to brace for the worst with auto and life insurance policies, sometimes the stress of dealing with even small injuries can be overwhelming...Read more

At the Law Office Albert P. Uresti IV, we have detailed knowledge of Texas traffic laws and San Antonio traffic courts to assist clients encountering various citations. We work...Read more

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law in Texas and such offenses are taken very seriously in a court of law. Increased awareness about the negative effects of drunk...Read more

Do you want to ensure that your assets are passed down efficiently and effectively to the people you care about? Do you want to build your estate plan in a way that minimizes costs associated with ...Read More

Buying or selling a home is very exciting, but it’s also one of the largest financial decisions of our lives. If you’re contemplating entering into a real estate transaction, you should...Read more


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